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Are you struggling with life trials and feeling like you're all alone? Don't worry. I am here to help you overcome these problems. I will assist you in resolving any issues you are facing. I offer counseling services for couples, teens, and children, and my areas of expertise are effective talk therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Remember, mental health is just as important as physical health, and if you were physically ill, you would seek help from a doctor. So, don't hesitate; I'm just a call away!

Breanne Nicole Peters

Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

I am here to help you explore and overcome the issues overwhelming you. I aim to provide you with a safe space to be vulnerable and turn it into your strength. Individuals and adolescents can expect to receive the highest level of support from me as we work together to establish a solid counselor-client relationship. 

It is essential that we find the right approach for you so your initial session will be free of charge. I will create a unique plan that fits your specific needs and situation. In addition, my office offers psychological assessments that will be used to enhance your life-changing process further.

Specialties and Expertise


Call or Email Breanne Nicole Peters now for a free 15 minute consultation - (805) 515-3515

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