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The Main Foundation Dr. Halley Moore & Associates

Nutrition & National Permanent Prescription Drug Detox

The Main Foundation Dr. Halley Moore & Associates

Dr. Moore has a goal of addressing the issues of prescription drug and substance abuse, which are affecting people's lives across the nation and beyond. She takes a holistic approach to "detoxification" and incorporates this method into her customized Luxury Intensives at The Main Foundation.

Patients struggling with addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol, vaping, smoking, or other methods are recommended to undergo a tailored treatment program. The methods holistically incorporated are biological, addressing nutrition and exercise; psychological, addressing memory and cognition; social, addressing relationships and career; and spiritual, addressing how a person views and finds meaning in the world. Individuals who are non-functional due to substance abuse would first need to attend a hospitalization program before working with Dr. Moore's Main Foundation to solidify their recovery in a permanent way.

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