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Our Team.

The Main Foundation and Dr. Hally Moore & Associates are licensed psychologists who help people of all ages discover and maintain genuine mental health, grounded in one's true self, with a foundation to withstand life stressors. Their holistic approach uses a multi-disciplinary, multi-modal scientific and spiritual approach to help heal your whole self. 

Dr. Halley Moore | The Main Foundation

Halley M. Moore

Psychologist, PhD

Sursatie D Chertam Frazier | The Main Foundation

Sursatie D. Chertam-Frazier

Therapist, PhD, LPC

Constance Kellogg | The Main Foundation

Constance Kellogg

Therapist, PhD, LMFT, LPCC

Brreanna Nicole Peters | The Main Foundation

Breanne N. Peters

Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

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