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The Main Foundation Dr. Halley Moore & Associates

Intensive  Customized Luxury Retreat

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This life-changing program is designed to provide participants with the tools they need to achieve a state of authentic mental health. The program aims to help participants heal the whole self from the inside-out by combining various approaches, including scientific and spiritual methodologies. 

The Main Foundation offers a seven-day six-night transformative experience that focuses on recovering program that focuses on recovering the "self" after traumatic life events, ongoing stressors, or a broken childhood. This program is designed to provide a foundation for genuine mental health. Dr. Moore refers to "genuine mental health" as a term for being mentally grounded in who you are and having a foundation of the self that cannot be waivered after the program, rather than the attempt that many people make at appearing mentally healthy but being easily knocked off balance by a life stressor. What Dr. Moore is teaching is unique, stainable for life, and powerful enough to overcome the tendency to collapse under mental stress that then creates illness and a draw to addiction.

The Main Foundation uses a holistic approach that includes a multi-disciplinary, multi-modal scientific, and spiritual approach to healing the whole self. Participants will have the opportunity to discover their true selves. Throughout the program, participants will work with Dr. Halley Moore and her team of experts, who bring years of experience to the table. The program is designed to be both informative and interactive, with participants encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences.

The program's ultimate goal is to assist participants in discovering their true selves, even if they feel like they have never truly known themselves. By emphasizing the importance of the whole self, the program helps participants establish a solid foundation for genuine mental health that can endure throughout their lifetime.

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