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Sursatie D Chertam Frazier | The Main Foundation
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As a professional counselor, I offer my services to individuals, families, couples, and groups. I provide virtual therapy and conduct clinical assessments to cater to the needs of children, youths, and adults. My counseling services are inclusive, and I am committed to serving my clients and the community to the best of my abilities.

Sursatie D. Chertam-Frazier

Therapist, PhD, LPC

We believe in building on our clients' individual and collective strengths using various evidence-based models, such as the strength-based model, to assist them in all aspects of their lives. Each client is assigned a personalized plan, and we work closely with them to ensure they receive the highest quality care and support.

Whether you are seeking counseling for yourself, your family, or your relationship, I am here to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being.

Specialties and Expertise


Call or Email Sursatie D Chetram-Frazier PhD now for a free 15 minute consultation - (860) 331-8486

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